Test Questions

True or False:

  1. Harris, Little Man, Christopher John, and Cassie waits for Stacey, Moe, and Clarence at the corner store. T or F
  2. The Logan brothers shows up in a pickup truck in front of the Wallace Store and talks to the Aames. T or F
  3. Harris talked to the Aames brothers about hunting squirrels. T or F
  4. The store owner is Kaleb Wallace. T or F
  5. Cassie is twelve years old in The Road to Memphis. T or F

Multiple Choice:

      6 .   What does Harris go into the store to buy?

              A.   Twinkies     B.    Shotgun Shells    C.    Skittles   

              D. Tobacco for His Grandma

      7.   Who tells Harris the story about the coon and the monkey?

              A.   Troy       B.   Jeremy        C.     Statler      D. Leon

      8.    What kind of car does Stacey buy?

             A.   Ford      B.  Chevy    C.  Scion    D.   Mustang

      9.    Moe always joked about courting Cassie. What does “courting” mean?

             A.  To Clean     B.    To Date      C.   To Cook   

             D.    To Vacuum

    10. Who does Stacey buy his car from?

            A.   Mr. Simms      B.    Mr. Morrison    C.   Mr. Wallace     D.   Mr. Jamison


    11.    ______________ leaves the town and the Logans never saw him again.

    12.   ______________ hit the Aames brothers with a crowbar.

    13.   ______________ has strong feelings for Solomon Bradley.

   14.    ______________ car broke down and has to get it fixed to get his friend to safety.

   15.    ______________ dies from severe headaches.


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