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The Logan Family Trilogy



The Road to Memphis Jeopardy

This is our Jeopardy about The Road to Memphis. It’s just like the  regualar Jeopardy, so just click a price and answer the question. After the question, click the Jeopardy man at the bottom left corner to return to the main Jeopardy page. “This is Jeopardy!!” —>The Road to Memphis Jeopardy

Gas Station

This is the gas station between Jackson and Memphis where the Logans and their friends try to find a fanbelt for the car.

Solomon Bradley

Solomon's Workplace

The Logan children needed Solomon’s Bradley help to find a lawyer, food, clothing, and shelter.

Mildred D. Taylor

The author of The Road to Memphis

The Setting

This is an image of what the setting of a scene from the book might look like. This picture shows what it might have looked like when they brought Moe to the train in Memphis.

Author’s Bio: Mildred D. Taylor

       Mildred D. Taylor was born in Jackson, Mississippi in the year of 1943 and she lived in the South with her famliy when she was a baby. Then they moved to Toledo, Ohio. Taylor and she lived in a large house, her father had bought for family and friends who had to escape the South. Her father was a master of story-telling. She absorbed his talent from her father and became interested in story-telling. During high school, she became interested in writing and became editor of her school newspaper. In 1960, she entered the University of  Toledo and graduated. She enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Colorado, where she earned an MA in journalism. After she graduated from Colorado, she worked as a coordinator at a study skills center. She wanted to inspire others to never give up and to try to fight any type of racism and discrimination.

The Novel


Student Corner — Honest Opinion

        Our honest opinion on this book is that it’s a very good book. The book has very interesting details, especially towards the end. We recommend this book for children in grade 6 and up because their is some bad language in the book, but not too bad. We also rate this book 4 of 5 stars because some parts of the book is confusing. Overall, this is a good book and I hope that Mildred D. Taylor will make more books for us to read.

The Road to Memphis: Book Review

        The Road to Memphis is about the Logan family and their friends who faces problems during the late 1930s. All of the Logan children are now grown up, but Moe has to leave town because he got in trouble with the law. The Logans and their friends have to Moe to Memphis or else he goes to prison or worse. They have to face the challenges of racism in Mississippi and everywhere else they go and they have to find ways to deal with it.